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STG-6001/Household Latex gloves
Product introduction
Household Latex gloves
Flock Lined, Yellow Color
Color: yellow, red, pink
size: S, M, L, XL
Product introduction
Household Latex gloves
Latex gloves; Rubber gloves
Length: 30cm± 10mm(normal) 40cm± 10mm(lengthen)
Size: S(width: 65-70mm); M(width: 75-80mm); L(width: 85-90mm); XL(width: 95-100mm)
Weight: 40-80 g( Short) 90-120 g (Lengthen)
Color: Yellow, pink, red, Natural, 
Latex Gloves Features: 
1. Puncture resistant, tear resistant, blade cut resistant, abrasion resistant
2. Prevents permeation by chemicals and microorganisms
3. Reusable, being able to be rinsed in clean water after each use, and then air or tumble dried
Application: This PVC household gloves widely used in light industry, heave industry, agricultural, sanitation departments and daily life to protect hands, such as window cleaning, gardening, dish washing, car cleaning, Construction, Refuse Collection, General Handling, Warehousing, Component Handing, Automotive and so on. 
Packing: 1pair/polybag, 120pair/dozen, 144pair/carton
MOQ: 500dozen
Delivery time: 30-45days after receiving deposit